Colorado can expect widespread critical fire weather conditions to continue today and on into the week. The National Weather Service warns conditions will be favorable for the rapid ignition, growth, and spread of fires.

The National Weather Service reports today Red Flag Warnings are in effect for most areas in Colorado. As a result, agricultural burning is strongly discouraged. While today should be considerably cooler than the last few days and less breezy, that is expected to change by Friday.

Earlier today, via their official Facebook page, the US National Weather Service Grand Junction Colorado issued this statement:

A disturbance passes overhead early in the day which will generate strong winds with shower chances limited to the northern mountains. Despite cooler temperatures filtering into the area behind the cold front which pushed through last night, critical fire weather conditions are expected to redevelop late this morning then continue through early this evening.

Tonight (Wednesday, May 20) should prove interesting. Winds are expected to diminish tonight with cooler than normal low temperatures. I'm glad I didn't put the comforter up for the season. As a lifelong resident of the region, all I can say is "Welcome to Western Colorado."

Before long, Friday is going to roll around, and that's when things change. The National Weather Service predicts Friday, May 22, will be as follows:

  • Warmer
  • Breezier
  • Dryer

That's a recipe for trouble in Western Colorado. I do believe I'll hold off on using the weed torch.

For the record, the US National Weather Service Grand Junction Colorado Facebook page is a very handy resource. They provide useful, timely information in a way those of us who received a "B" in our college Weather & Climate classes can easily understand. It would pay you to "Follow" their page or consider downloading their app.

You've probably seen the recent posts reminding you of the August 2018 fire that shut down I-70 for a total of four hours. That fire was caused by a cigarette carelessly thrown out of a window. The current and upcoming weather conditions in the region set the perfect stage for a similar situation to occur.

Get ready for windy, dry, hot weather. Again, the National Weather Service says any kind of burning is "strongly discouraged." The Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. Let's make sure any "events" occurring over the next few days are of the desirable variety.

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