We've heard about more couples filing for divorce across the country since the pandemic first got started back in March, like most people I just dismissed that because I assumed it doesn't happen here in Colorado. Once again I am wrong, finding out from KDVR, that this pandemic is pushing more Coloradans to file for divorce.

There are family law attorneys saying they have never seen anything like this before with divorce rates just continuing to rise. Obviously, the stress of this year and financial complications being the main reason for couples to call it quits.

Across the country divorce rates have jumped up 34% from March to June. Many Colorado law offices are saying that their local numbers are higher than the national average. Some companies seeing close to a 100% increase in divorce cases just in the past six months.

There are so many couples stressing about job security, how to pay all of their bills, the stress of the upcoming holidays, plus the pandemic it's all just getting to be too much for some.

Remember that divorce is very costly, normally between $10,000-$15,000. Plus the emotional damage that it inflicts on everyone involved.

We all know that this year has been very difficult, stressful, and annoying. But nothing should come before your family. These people need you more than ever and as difficult as it is for you personally, now is more important than ever to make sure you are communicating and showing your family that you love them. It helps so much to get through tough times when you know you are cared about and loved.

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