Colorado banks be on the lookout. And may the Force be with you.

So far, banks in Littleton and Louisville Colorado have been the targets of what authorities are calling the 'Comic-Con Bandit.'

The FBI and police believe this may be the same suspect in both robberies, although one time he was dressed as the fictional superhero The Black Panther and the subsequent effort he wore a Darth Vader mask.

Here's what authorities can give us for a description:

  • white male
  • in his twenties
  • short brown hair
  • thin build

Some other details that may be important:

  • is Luke Skywalker's father
  • has turned to the Dark Side
  • sounds like James Earl Jones
  • used to be known as 'Annikan'

Anyone with information are asked to please contact Crime Stoppers at (970) 241-7867.