All work and no play leads to a quick burnout here in Colorado.

According to new data compiled by MyBioSource, workers in Colorado are completely over this year and have been since summer.

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Location, Location, Location: Burnout in Colorado Workers

Each new year typically brings new energy and a renewed excitement for what the future holds. As the months start to pass that energy tends to dwindle as our day-to-day lives and work absorb our initial momentum.

MyBioSource compiled data to find out exactly when Coloradans reached the end of their rope and it turns out it was 196 days into the year, which would be July 15th.

Those in Vermont reached burnout the fastest in the U.S. at only 127 days or May 7th. Residents of Rhode Island appear to have the longest endurance and are predicted to hit burnout on September 17, or 260 days into the year. Talk about being tough as nails!

Industry Trends: Which Jobs Made Coloradans Tap Fastest

Not only is the location of where you live a factor in burnout but which industry your job is in also has a lot to do with when you hit your threshold.

Those who work in the legal field, not surprisingly, reach burnout the earliest at 163 days into the year, which is June 12th. All that paperwork and prepping for debates has to be exhausting so it's easy to see why.

The industry where workers reach burnout the slowest is Real Estate, at 234 days which is August 22nd. Props to them!

At what point in the year did you reach burnout?

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