June means warmer temps and melting snow in the higher elevations of Colorado. As summer begins in Grand Junction, our scenic byways and mountain passes will open and allow passage into some of the most incredible places in the state.

The opening of these routes through the mountains means you can safely drive into the mountains to enjoy Colorado's many blue lakes. 

Keep going for a tour of 12 of them.

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What Makes a Blue Lake Blue?

Did you know that the term 'Blue Water Lake' is not really a scientific one? According to Lake Scientist, a Blue Lake is one with exceptional water quality. When sunlight penetrates clear water the other colors are absorbed more stronger than blue, leaving it as the most prominent color.

The turquoise water in some mountain lakes is often the result of fine pulverized rock particles absorbed in the water. The National Parks Service says these particles scatter the sunlight in ways that make this rich turquoise possible.

Blue Lakes and High Elevation

You don't always have to travel up into thin air to find a beautiful Blue Lake in Colorado. While many are located around 9000 feet, a few can be found at lower elevations. Blue Lakes above 10,000 feet usually feature some of the best colors, like the Blue Lakes high above Telluride near 12,000 feet.

Colorado's Oldest Natural Lake

Colorado's deepest natural lake is one that is also on our list of Blue Lakes in Grand County. Grand Lake features 515 surface acres and almost 5 miles of shoreline. At the deepest part, the lake reaches down 265 feet.

Keep going to check out our photo gallery of 12 beautiful Colorado Blue Lakes you can visit this summer.

Here is Where to Find 12 of Colorado's Beautiful Blue Lakes

Colorado's Blue Lakes are the perfect place for a day trip or a relaxing vacation. While most of Colorado's largest Blue Lakes are in higher elevations, some can be found below 10,000 feet. Keep going to check out 12 of Colorado's beautiful Blue Lakes and where to find them.

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