Could you guess which location is the most photographed place in the state of Colorado? It's the Maroon Bells on the border of Pitkin and Gunnison Counties. Every year, 300,000 people pay $10 per vehicle to check them out and grab a stunning photo.

What about in Grand Junction? Where would you go to take a photo that everyone would know was captured here?

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Great Photos in Grand Junction

How many recognizable places in Grand Junction can you imagine?? Would you share the Trumbo "bathtub" sculpture, a photo from the Grand Mesa or the Colorado National Monument, or one taken at the Kokopelli Trailhead? What other locations can you think of?

The Monument and the Mesa

Photos of the Grand Mesa and the Colorado National Monument are easy for most Western Slope residents to spot in a photo album. If you have spent time on the Mesa or in the Monument, you know there are only a few places on Earth bearing a resemblance. What other places around Grand Junction can you instantly recognize that look great in a photograph?

Don't Forget the Rivers

From the walking paths in town along the Colorado to the hiking trails along the Gunnison Bluffs, Grand Junction is close to several great places to take photos that feature Western Colorado's rivers. What places along the Colorado, Gunnison, or Uncompahgre River are your favorites for photos?

Scroll through twelve popular spots to grab an instantly recognizable photo in Grand Junction, then open our station app and tap the chat to share a few more.

12 of the Most Recognizable Places To Take Photos in Grand Junction

If you wanted to take a photo that everyone would recognize as Grand Junction, Colorado, where would you take it? We asked you to tell us about some of the most familiar places in Grand Junction to take a photo that most people would recognize. Keep going for the top twelve answers below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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