When most people order a burger, it usually comes with fries. If you are eating at a really good burger joint they will have other sides that pair well with your entree.

Sides that go great with a burger include baked beans, cole slaw, pasta salad, or some amazing onion rings. Today we're asking you who has the best onion rings in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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Where Did the First Onion Rings Come From?

Many give the credit to a book published in 1802 called "The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined," by author John Mollard. This book details a recipe for cooking onion rings in lard and adding parmesan cheese. The book says the recipes are for noblemen, gentlemen, and tradesmen. So the next time you order onion rings, remember you are eating like royalty.

Onion Rings in America

Tracking down the origin of onion rings in the states takes us back to one of the first recipes which appeared in the Fort Wayne Sentinel in 1908. Another recipe appeared in the New York Sun in 1910. These recipes were called "French Fried Onions" and are some of the earliest versions of onion rings in the USA.

Onion Rings in Colorado

In Grand Junction, Colorado there are plenty of places that make great onion rings. We asked you to tell us who has the best. Scroll on to check out a dozen places you can go today to chow down on as many rings as you can handle.

These Places Have the Best Onion Rings in Grand Junction, Colorado

Onion rings got their start in Europe. In fact, many believe they first appeared in a cookbook in 1802 titled, "The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined" by author John Mollard. Almost 220 years later, onion rings are still going strong. Scroll on to find out the best ones here in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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