Are you a hot sauce aficionado? Do you have a deep appreciation for those sauces produced right here in Colorado?

The hot sauce business is a rapidly growing industry, and Colorado is on board. Here's a look at some of the best hot sauces, and your picks for the best, produced in the Centennial State.

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Making Hot Sauce in Colorado

What's up with Colorado and hot sauce? Colorado Local Market writes, "Colorado’s rich soil and fertile land provide the ideal environment for growing chiles and peppers. With so many varieties of chilies and peppers available, the opportunity for blending flavors is endless."

Starting Small In Colorado

One of the true standouts on this list is Merfs Condiments. This company made several lists including Reddit, 5280 Denver's Mile High Magazine, and was one of your top picks on Facebook.

Merfs' founder and CEO, Kelly Schexnaildre, started very small. When it comes to her hot sauce, she states, "After receiving rave reviews from friends and family, I knew I had something special."

Hot Sauces From All Over Colorado

Two producers from the Western Slope have stories similar to Kelly's. Steve Harding produces an entire line of hot sauces from the rural community of Silt, Colorado. His lineup includes:

  • Hot A.F. Scorpion Hot Sauce
  • Covfefe
  • Toxic Masculinity Reaper Sauce
  • Witch Hunt Spell of Death
  • Blanco Butthole Burner
  • Phantom Fire Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

How Big Is The Hot Sauce Market?

The heat is rising when it comes to the hot sauce market in the United States. According to Fortune Business Insights, "The U.S. hot sauce market size was valued at $963.08 million in 2022 & is projected to grow from $1,026.28 million in 2023 to $1,668.19 million by 2030."

Check out the list below, click through to their individual web pages, and you'll discover that most of Colorado hot sauce companies started as hobbies, operating out of their home kitchen.

Judging by the figures above, if you're a hot sauce connoisseur, you may have a goldmine on your hands. For those who simply enjoy a great hot sauce, complimented by a touch of "local," you have a wide selection of Colorado-based products to choose from. Here's a look at some of the best of the best.

Spice Up Your Life: Explore Colorado's Finest Hot Sauces

Are you a hot sauce aficionado? If so, have you made the rounds and sampled some of the great sauces produced right here in Colorado? Perhaps you've tried Toxic Masculinity. How about Merfs? There are more than you know.

Take a quick tour of some of the best sauces made in Colorado, with info from Colorado Local Market, Facebook, 5280, and Reddit.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

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