Are you looking for a new place to stay in shape in 2024? Colorado is loaded with options for staying in shape. Some love the gym nature provides in the Grand Valley and enjoy hiking, jogging, or rock climbing, while others like to be in the gym.

Grand Junction is full of places to work out, and several personal trainers would love to help you achieve your goals. We asked you to tell us about some of the best places to work out in Grand Junction. Keep going to see the top recommendations.

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Find A Gym or Personal Trainer

If you prefer to work out alone at a gym, Grand Junction has several options to choose from. If you would rather work with a personal trainer, several will work with you right out of the gym inside their home.

One location we heard a lot about was the new Bungee One gym in Grand Junction. They offer over 50 classes to help you regain strength without causing pain to your joints. We'll show you how to find them in the gallery below.

Think Outside The Box

Gym memberships can be pretty expensive. We heard from some of you who like to turn your daily errands into a chance to keep moving. You can get lots of steps in walking a shopping mall or even a Walmart store. That's a great way to keep moving without a membership.

Grand Junction even offers MMA training and fitness. We take a closer look at Golden Fights MMA in the gallery below.

Remember Gym Etiquette

No matter if you work alone or with a trainer, you'll also want to remember the do's and don'ts of gym etiquette. After we review eight of Grand Junction's favorite places to work out, keep going to see a few reminders about things you should not do at any gym on the Western Slope.

Colorado’s Favorite Places to Work Out In 2024

Are you looking for a great place to stay in shape in 2024? Grand Junction is home to several great gyms and personal trainers ready to help you with your fitness goals. Keep going to check out eight different places to work out in Grand Junction that come highly recommended by you the listener.

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