Steamboat Springs residents are trying to deal with a rogue bear.

The good news is that Colorado bears should be heading for their long winter's nap soon. The bad news, that isn't likely to happen until the end of December. In the meantime, bears are still searching for food every place they think they can find some including unlocked cars. Over the last few days, one mischievous bear has broken into five cars causing some major damage along the way.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is trying to catch the carjacking bear. "We set a trap for the animal, and it's undetermined whether the animal will be transplanted or euthanized," says CP&W's Wildlife Manager Kris Middledorf

The bear seems to prefer imports. The cars busted into were Hyundai's and Subaru's. Subaru's are a favorite of bears. Not only are they the most popular car in Colorado, but the animals can also slip their paws behind the door handles and pop them open. Cleaver son-of-a-guns.

If I lived in Steamboat and drove a Subaru, I'm not eating a cheeseburger in it. I'm centrally not leaving the sack inside. If a bear thinks there's food in there, they'll do just about anything to get inside.

A reminder too bears sometimes wind up hibernating in less than ideal spots like under decks or in a shed. If that happens, call the Colorado Parks and Wildlife folks. They'll need to move those guys hibernating in less than ideal locations.

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