You won't be able to Vape at Public Places according to the new bill which goes into effect on July 1st. If you do vape you will have to stand at least 25 feet away from public entrances.  Colorado lawmakers hope this will curb the appeal that young people have toward using electronic cigarettes and vaping.

San Fransisco just became the first City to outlaw vaping. You will not be able to buy electronic cigarettes in San Fransico. The new law will take effect in six months. Lawmakers will give San Fransico retailers time to pull all the inventory from their store shelves, and offenders who do not comply with the new regulation could face jail time.

It is getting harder to smoke cigarettes or vape. If you need help and want to quit smoking or Vaping call the Colorado QuitLine you can find them at or call 1-800 quit now 


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