Colorado will soon be celebrating its 150th anniversary of becoming a state. That means you will soon be able to get a 150th-anniversary commemorative license plate in honor of the occasion.

What does the 150th anniversary Colorado license plate look like? Well, we're not sure yet as the contest is still running until November 30, 2022. What we do know is that someone from the state of Colorado will be designing the commemorative license plate.

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One TikTok user that goes by LicensePlateTok did a mock-up of what the 150th-anniversary plate would look like if they were to design the special plates for Colorado. LicensePlateTok's rendition of the Colorado plate includes the Colorado state flag, Colorado's capital building, the great plains of Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, an older rendition of Colorado's state seal, and the phrase "As Colorful As Ever".

Take a look at what the commemorative plate would look like:

Pretty neat, right? LicensePlateTok will not be in the running for the final design on Colorado's 150th Anniversary license plate as they are not a resident or student located in Colorado. For now, we will just have to sit back and wait to see what the final version will be.

According to LicensePlateTok, the Colorado Department of Revenue has reached out to the TikTok user asking for permission per a comment on the video.

Want to know more about how you can submit your design for Colorado's 150th anniversary commemorative plate? We're telling you all about how your design could be the next Colorado license plate below.

How You Can Design Colorado's 150th Anniversary License Plate

Source: licenseplatetok - TikTok

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