While Colorado is the best at some things, like being healthy, we fall miserably short when it comes to giving our time or money to charity. Utah is at the top of the list. 

Christmas is the season of giving. Most charities have their best donation months in December. Colorado, however, does not appear that high on the list.

According to the latest World Giving Index, Americans are some of the most giving people in the world. The United States was second on the list out of 140 countries in 2015. Americans not only give their money but also their time.

Coloradoan must spend too much time enjoying the outdoors because the state fell on the giving list at number 37. We seem to be better at giving our money, coming in at 20th on that list. Colorado was a dismal 42nd on the list of giving up our time to help others. Overall the state comes in between New Jersey at 36th and New York falling at 38th.

Utah, our neighbor to the west, did much better. Utah was number one overall and on the top of the list in both charitable donations and volunteering and service time.

We have a great community of givers here on the Western Slope, and we thank everyone who helped out with the Community Food Bank Challenge, even though Colorado falls down to 49th when it comes to donating food to others. Thanks to all who gave to Hope of the Grand Valley, Homeward Bound, The Kool Toys For Kids with the Salvation Army, and all of the other groups that were donated to throughout the year.

Here are the top five states in the US for 2016: Utah, Minnesota, North Dakota, Maryland, and Oklahoma.

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