Anyone that has tried to purchase a home in the Grand Valley lately knows how challenging the process can be. First, trying to find your dream home within your price range. Then trying to make an offer before it has twelve other offers coming in at the same time. It can be stressful, but once you find the perfect place it can be so rewarding. That is until you start realizing all the things you need to purchase to make it what you really want.

Savannah and I are almost done with the home purchasing process and will soon have our home here in Grand Junction! While my new boss lady here has been amazing at helping us stay at the Holiday Inn and Suites by the airport for the past month we cannot wait to not live in one room with two dogs that need more space.

We are closing next week but that also means we have some things to purchase for our new home. The laundry list of things we are going to be looking into include:

  • Painting the interior of our new home
  • New flooring for our living room, dining room, and kitchen
  • Purchasing a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, and microwave
  • Purchasing a washer and dryer
  • Fixing a minor roof issue (probably in the spring)
  • Fix caulking and leaking sink
  • Putting a fan in a guest bathroom
  • New sofa and loveseat
  • House cleaning and carpet cleaning
  • Stucco cleaning
  • New countertops (eventually)

If you have any suggestions on any of the items listed above please let me know (you know I'm frugal). You can always shoot me an email

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