The Cimarron area is a popular fishing destination each September in Colorado as fishermen from all over the country head to the Gunnison River, Taylor River, the East River, the South Platte River, and the Blue River to try their luck at catching freshwater salmon.

Located only about 90 minutes from Grand Junction, this is a great area to enjoy hunting and fishing. You'll be close to the Black Canyon National Park and the Curecanti National Recreation Area.

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What is the Cimarron, Colorado Known For?

An escape to Cimarron means fun along the Cimarron Creek. It also means a great view of the Cimarron Ridge and the San Juans. If you love fun on the water you need to check out Cimarron, Colorado. You can see the Morrow Point Dam, fish Cimarron Creek, or take the boat out on the Crystal Reservoir.

What is the Elevation in Cimarron, Colorado?

Cimarron, Colorado is an unincorporated community that sits at 6,896 feet above sea level in Montrose County. The Cimarron River flows through the town which is populated by less than 200 people. Settlers and explorers who came to the area from New Mexico thought their camp looked so much like Cimarron, New Mexico, that they named the site in Colorado the same thing.

Check Out The Kokanee Cabin Near Cimarron, Colorado

This super affordable Airbnb rental in Cimarron has room for four guests. You'll have free Wi-Fi and Cable TV during your stay. This is a great getaway for mountain views, incredible fishing spots, and a peaceful weekend away from things like road construction on North Avenue. Scroll on to grab the link for this listing at the end of the photo gallery below.

The Kokanee Cabin Airbnb Shows Off Beautiful Cimarron, Colorado

Check scenic Cimarron, Colorado along Cimarron Creek just south of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and close to Curecanti National Recreation Area. Enjoy mountain views, incredible fishing spots, and amazing sunsets at the Kokanee Cabin Airbnb.

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