You now have instant access to your blood donation history, blood pressure history, test results, and many other features, with the St. Mary's Regional Blood Center's new donor portal.

The blood center just unveiled this awesome new portal. What all can you do via this service? According to the notification they sent:

You can schedule an appointment to donate at a mobile or the donor center, see your past donations, get your cholesterol results, and keep track of your blood pressure all in one place. The donor portal has many great features, so create an account today! - St. Mary's Regional Blood Center email notification

As a blood donor, I couldn't resist. You can set up your own account in a matter of minutes at the St. Mary's Regional Blood Center's official webpage. Literally, it took me less than two minutes, and that's taking into account the time I spent messing around. Once your account is set up, you have instant access to important information. For example, here's a look at my blood pressure history (going back a handful of visits).

St. Mary's Regional Blood Center

That's cool. Then again, I probably just embarrassed myself by revealing these results. I'm uncertain as to what "typical" blood pressure should be. Is this good? If not, please tell me. How about hemoglobin? I haven't a clue to the significance of one's hemoglobin number. What's more, I seem to have forgotten my junior high biology, and can't quite remember what hemoglobin is. According to Google, it's "a red protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood of vertebrates. Its molecule comprises four subunits, each containing an iron atom bound to a heme group." Here are my results.

St. Mary's Regional Blood Center

I couldn't help but wonder what the proper level is for hemoglobin. It appears that males should have a hemoglobin level between 13.5 and 17.5. With that in mind, it appears with the exception of August 2016 I'm in no fear of dropping dead anytime soon.

Another feature is the ability to check your past donations. This is where I have a few concerns. I typically donate every ten weeks. As a matter of fact, the blood center calls me every ten weeks to remind me it's time to come in. As you can see from the dates above, it appears I'm only coming in twice a year. There seems to be a discrepancy in this matter. I'm not sure the info above reflects all of my visits.

This site is so cool it even allows you to enter your own profile pic. I, of course, couldn't resist.

St. Mary's Regional Blood Center

I highly recommend setting up an account with this site. The blood pressure history alone made it worthwhile. Give the gift of life, give blood. Donating has always been easy, and it just became even more effortless. Sign up for this portal today.

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