Student safety is a big concern for area schools, but students at Central High School in Grand Junction feel one security policy is unfair.

Last year, Central High School established a new policy pertaining to student IDs. When a student shows up late for a class, the student must present their ID. If the student can't present their ID, they'll be sent to the office to purchase a new one.

Some students stressed their frustrations with the policy, telling KJCT8 that this takes away from their learning experience, forcing them to take time away from class to purchase the new ID.

Tim Leon, District 51's Director of Safety, Security, and Transportation, stated that student safety is their number one goal. The main reason for such strict policies is to ensure the schools know exactly who is on campus.

According to Leon, the fee policy isn't to punish the student, but to help the district cover the cost of creating the new IDs. The schools will normally work with parents and students if the cost of the becomes a burden.

We want to know what you think. Keeping in mind that school security is an important matter; is the policy forcing students to purchase a new ID every time they forget it a lesson in responsibility.

Chime in, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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