Have you had a chance to catch up with Western Colorado favorite Bobby 'Bad Bob' Walker? He's out and about, and sounding better than ever. I had a chance to chat with him last night. Here's what he's been up to.

Bad Bob played a gig last night at Clifton's Triple Tree Tavern. It's been a while since I've heard him play. Let me tell you, he sounds better than ever. He played a three-hour set, accompanied by a few friends.

Bob Walker Feb 20 2019
Waylon Jordan

Among those friends was Grand Junction's very own Gerry Goodman. Put those two together, and you get the Walker-Goodman Acoustic Blues Thang.

Gerry Goodman Feb 20 2019 Triple Tree Tavern Clifton
Waylon Jordan

Gerry Goodman at the Triple Tree Tavern in Clifton, Colorado. February 20, 2019

Everybody knows Bobby Walker. He's lived in the valley forever, but his musical appeal extends well beyond Western Colorado. He's spent years touring the Blues circuit, traveling all over the United States and Canada. Millions of miles and several albums later, he still calls Grand Junction home.

You may recall Bad Bob has been battling throat cancer. It's been a long, hard struggle. At the end of the day, though, Bob looks fantastic. He's happy, grateful, and anxious to play.

Bad Bob's been busy! He's played a number of road dates over the last few months. He mentioned places ranging from Bakersfield to San Francisco, and something about Alaska. We didn't discuss Alaska much, but from where I come from, that's a road gig in the extreme sense of the word.

Along the journey there's been a new album. Bob released "Came Out Swingin'" last year. I listened to the new album. You should give it a listen, too. It's a little more "horn heavy" than I'm used to with Bob, but that's just fine. There are several up-tempo tracks, and a number of serious grooves. Check it out at CDBaby.

In a word, Bad Bob is doing "fantastic." He was in rare form last night at the Triple Tree Tavern. With any luck, that gig will open the door for Bad Bob to play the area on a regular basis. Here's hoping. In the meantime, I'm just glad to hear him play.

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