Cameo was the scene of a brush fire yesterday that, for a while, closed I-70 in both directions. Apparently what caused the fire was a burning cigarette butt.

At a time when it seems like the entire state of Colorado is on fire, people decide to throw burning items out of their vehicle? Let me say, for the record, that I am a smoker. But there is no way I would ever throw a butt out of my car.

Why? Fire, of course, just like we experienced yesterday.

What seems to be a harmless and innocuous act to someone is actually dangerous to everyone. Is the state not burning enough? Or was this person just ignoring it all and tossing it out without even thinking?

My guess is yes, not a thought about it, probably in mid-sentence and just flicked it out of the window. And I can understand, to a point, how you may not even think about what is going on around you, fire wise. That is until you remember all of the smoke that is hanging around.

Let's take a peek at all of the fires burning right now in Colorado and stop long enough to ask one question.

How can I help?

You can help by not tossing anything burning on the ground or out of a vehicle. We have had no rain in what seems like forever, so everything outside is tinder dry. If you have to smoke while in your vehicle, take an ashtray, or better yet, halfway empty a $.99 bottle of water and stick your burning cigarette butt into it.

The water will quench it and you can go on about your business knowing you did your part to keep us all safe.

Throwing a burning item out of a vehicle, or anywhere else is just plain ignorant.

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