Brigham Young University–Idaho recently released a "motivational" video asking students to turn in their fellow students for masturbating. Boy! Do we have some questions.

School president Kim B. Clark narrates the video warning students that masturbation is a "great war" battling "cruel, ruthless and relentless" enemy.

Sure, my parents warned me that masturbating may cause me to go blind, and my friends saying it leads to hairy palms -- neither of which have happened, yet!

Mr. Clark goes on to say, “If you need to, talk to your bishop,” isn't that what this whole thing is about? "Talking to the 'bishop'"?

And this line really has me confused, "... don't leave the wounded soldiers on the battlefield ..." is this some crazy double entendre that I've never heard of? You know, kind of like "ridding yourself of the poison"?

Anyway you look at this video is just plain creepy.

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