While we were in Costa Rica for our honeymoon we did some shopping. There are so many shops and vendors that stay a float due to tourism that we were able to have a hay day when we went shopping.

We bought all kinds of jewelry while we were there. We bought a few rings made out of cocunut to wear instead of our wedding bands. We didn't want to lose our wedding bands in the ocean or take the risk of getting robbed, so we wore our coconut rings the whole time.

We also bought some cool art work from a local artist to hang on our walls. Of course, when you are in Costa Rica there are a few items you have to buy: hot sauce, coffee and cigars.

I also had so much fun kickin it in the hammock that I decided to buy a hammock. The hammock I bought is a two person hammock and I already put it up last weekend. My wife loved the hand crafted wood items so we bought a wood serving plate and a few wood coffee mugs.

While we were down there we drank a whole lot of Costa Rican Rum, so of course I had to buy some rum while I was down there as well.

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