After some adventurous days in the jungle, we would now transfer to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica to enjoy some time on the beach and to do some shopping.

Day 5

We finished up our time at Selva Bananito by heading to the river and doing a little swimming. Then we transferred to Puerto Viejo which is on the Southeastern coast of Costa Rica, right on the Caribbean Sea.

We arrived about 4pm and headed straight to the beach. Our resort, Cariblue, was located right across the street from the beach. So we did some swimming played in the sand and even relaxed and soaked up the sun. In one of the pictures you'll see that I made myself a beach chair out of sand. Pretty brilliant!

After a shower to get all the sand off, we had dinner at our resort, a few beers and called it a day.

Day 6

We woke up to a little rain on day 6. Apparently, June is the rainy season for Costa Rica. No one told us this. By 8am, the rain was really coming down. There was so much rain that our hotel flooded, a bridge broke outside of town and knocked over a school bus, and the drive way to get out of our resort had about 3 feet in water. So we hung out in our bungalow and tried to catch crabs! Not the easiest thing to do. Check out the video below of my first attempt.

I decided it might be easier if I had something to wrap the crabs up in. So I used one of the hotel towels (which I'm pretty sure they weren't to happy about). This time it worked.

After the rain stopped that afternoon, we took a taxi into town, ate some Civeche and did some shopping. We also saw a pretty awesome local band. Check out the video below of a Grandfather, Father and son singing about Costa Rica.

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