After an intense day on the river we transferred to Selva Bananito, an amazing eco lodge in the middle of the jungle. It use to be a plantation for bananas and a place where they cut down trees for sale. After the son and daughter grew up, they talked their dad out of cutting down the forest and into preserving it. It now is a preserve where a portion of your fees go to saving the rain forest.

We had our own bungalow with 2 hammocks on the porch and a fantastic view. It's wide open so we had lizards and spiders coming in and out of our room. We even had a baby bat fly in on the first night. This place was amazing, definitely the best way to see Costa Rica.

Day 3

We woke up for breakfast at 7 am and got ready for our Waterfall tour. We hiked for about 7 hours into the middle of the rain forest looking at different waterfalls, frogs, turtles, snakes, spiders and all kinds of cool plants, we even got to repel down one of the waterfalls! This was an amazing hike. We came back for a delicious dinner and got some rest for the next days adventures.

Day 4

We woke up again at 7 am for breakfast and got ready for our Natural History Hike in the rain forest. During the hike we learned about the farm and how it came to be. The rain forest was crawling with frogs, snakes and other weird bugs, making their home among the interesting plants and fruits.

After the hike, we took a nap in our hammocks and woke up just in time for a horse back ride. We took a tour of the property on the horses and also got to see some interesting plants, spiders and bats. We even stopped and ate a fruit I had never had and a coconut. By the end of the day we were pooped, but it was our last night there and Selva Bananito set up a "honeymoon surprise." Upon returning to our room, it was lit up with candles, flowers spread out all over the floor and had a nice bottle of red wine -- perfect end to a perfect place.

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