If it's happened to me, it's probably happened to you too. You have a bottle of wine and you're ready to drink it, but surprise! No corkscrew! Bummer! Well, now, it's no problem.

Not having a wine key when you need one is very inconvenient, a mood killer, and a total buzz kill- literally. Well good news! As long as you have a shoe and a wall or tree or something of sturdy stature, you will be just fine!

Follow these easy instructions:

  • Take foil off top of wine
  • Take off your shoe (doesn't matter which one)
  • Place bottom of wine bottle into the heel your shoe (so it stands up)
  • Turn shoe and bottle sideways so parallel with the ground
  • Hold bottle by the neck with one hand and the shoe with the other
  • Bang heel of shoe with wine bottle in it into the wall
  • Repeat multiple times until cork slowly comes out of the bottle
  • Once you have enough cork to grab a hold of- pull it out and viola! You did it!
  • Drink!

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