With his hit television show, 'The Voice' in the middle of another season, a big summer tour ready to kick off, including a stop here at Country Jam June 18th and a new album 'If I'm Honest' to hit stores May 20, no doubt (get it?) Blake is busy. But, now this?

Blake has filed a lawsuit against In Touch magazine and it's publishing company for $2 million. He states that none of these allegations are true. Here's a quick look at some of the things that the magazine is claiming.

  • Blake has been to rehab
  • He has hit rock bottom
  • Drinks excessively
  • Drinks Vodka before 11am
  • He is sometimes drunk or intoxicated on 'The  Voice'
  • Slurs his words and stumbles around when he drinks
  • He once urinated on a mailbox

Blake denies all of these statements and has decided to fight back. Good for him.

If you want to read what's really going on with Blake check out his website.

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