Beauty may only be skin deep, but apparently ugly runs much deeper.

Don't believe that philosophy? Just ask Jian Feng, a man from northern China who recently divorced and sued his wife for being ugly, leading to a victory in court to the tune of $120,000 in damages.

The whole foul scene got started after Feng’s beautiful bride gave birth to the couple’s baby daughter. According to reports, the baby was so ugly that Feng suspected that his wife had cheated on him with some alley cat degenerate living in the village. However, no matter how much Feng demanded to know who the father was, his wife insisted that the baby was, in fact, his.

So, what was up with the ugly offspring? Well, Feng’s wife finally came clean and confessed that before the couple met she had spent around $100,000 in plastic surgery to completely renovate her ugly mug. Now, as you can imagine, this twisted revelation not only shocked Feng, but it also led him to believe that she had bamboozled him into marrying her. This did not sit well with Feng and he quickly filed for divorce, plus a hefty lawsuit.

Surprisingly, the judge granted Feng the divorce and awarded him $120,000—just enough to get his ugly baby some mega-plastic surgery of her own.

(Photo above is of Anne Woods, World Gurning Champion.)

[Tempo via IGN]

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