Blake Shelton Sues For $2 Million
With his hit television show, 'The Voice' in the middle of another season, a big summer tour ready to kick off, including a stop here at Country Jam June 18th and a new album 'If I'm Honest' to hit stores May 20, no doubt (get it?) Blake is busy. But, now this?
Should Everyone Own A Gun
Did you hear that a town in Georgia passed an ordinance requiring every household to own a gun and have ammunition!? There's a town in Colorado doing the same thing!
Man Divorces Then Sues Wife for Being Ugly — And Wins!
Beauty may only be skin deep, but apparently ugly runs much deeper.
Don't believe that philosophy? Just ask Jian Feng, a man from northern China who recently divorced and sued his wife for being ugly, leading to a victory in court to the tune of $120,000 in damages.