If you love watching movies and would love to get paid to do it you are in luck. There is a Honda dealership out of New York that is looking for the perfect person to help analyze their favorite movie franchise and binge-watch every movie.

The newest movie in "The Fast & The Furious" franchise "F9" is set to come out on May 22nd so this is going to be a dream come true for one movie lover who was probably going to rewatch the movies anyway. The dealership says it doesn't matter if you've seen all the movies before or if you're new to the franchise and love movies based around cars. They want to find the ultimate movie fan and car enthusiast in one.

If you were to be selected you would be asked to watch the eight "Fast and Furious" films and last year's spinoff "Hobbs & Shaw" in the week leading up to the new film release in May. You would then need to fill out a worksheet after each movie and keep track of your journey on social media through Facebook and Twitter.

After watching the new "F9" film you would need to write a tweet-length review of it.

To sweeten the deal beyond the $900, you would also take home a copy of each of the films to keep, a $50 gift card to see "f9" on opening weekend, NOS energy drink, popcorn, and candy.

When filling out the application make sure you stand out when answering questions like: What do you love about cars and driving? Why do you love movies? And what is your favorite car or driving-related movie?

The winner doesn't need to be from the state of New York even though that is where the dealership is. Click here to enter or learn more about the contest.

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