When it comes to peaches, Palisade knows what's up. I still remember canning with my mom in the kitchen, juice running down my elbows. Or sitting at the park after Peach Fest and eating ripe peaches until I thought I'd explode. Every year, peach season brings me right back to those memories. Let's talk about the best places in Palisade to get your "peach fix."

Anita's Pantry and Produce | 625 371/4 Rd. Palisade 81526 | 970-985-2282

Anita's has all the "fuzzy" feelings of a traditional fruit stand in Palisade. They have two convenient locations, or you can catch them at several farmer's markets throughout the State of Colorado.

Z's Orchard | 315 33 3/4 Rd. Palisade 81526 | 970-261-5809

Z's is a favorite for many reasons. They have a country store on location, to shop for all of your peaching needs. They also hold events and beautiful dinners right in the orchard. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend one of their special events, and it was a once in a lifetime experience. Click on the link to take a tour of their charming piece of Palisade.

Alida's | 3402 C1/2 Rd. Palisade 81526 | 970-434-8769

PLEASE tell me you've met Farmer Bob. He is one of my favorite reasons to buy from Alida's. You can see him, and their products at most Grand Junction Farmer's Markets. The whole experience is a treat. Alida's has their own store, and they supply many of the Valley's local shops with delicious goodies too.

Bikki's Ranch of Liberty | 3848 G 1/4 Rd. Palisade 81526 | 970-464-7524

Bikki's (pronounced "beak-y") is a personal favorite of mine. In fact, my very first job was at one of their fruit stands. Their ranch and shop just feel like home. You can even call ahead book a tour of the orchard. Mrs. Bikki does occasional public speaking engagements that are quite moving. She talks about her and her departed husband's experience as immigrants from Hungary, creating their orchard from the ground up. Bikki's Ranch of Liberty holds a special place in my heart. I think it will for you, too. Check out their website where you can take a mini-tour.

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