In case you missed Bernie Lange from KKCO in a Tutu on Fridays newscast, here he is!

In November I challenged Bernie to "Talk Turkey" and see who had the MOST giving listeners, all to benefit the community through the Salvation Army Thanksgiving Dinner & Christmas Food Boxes.

If HE collected the MOST I would stand at a busy intersection waving a KKCO News sign.

WHEN I collected the MOST he would have to wear a tutu during one of his newscast!

Total we collected 277 Birds and needless to say MY listeners came out in full force to make this happen! Thanks to them the WHOLE community benefited . . .

Bernie Lange
Mack Dodge's TV

And Bernie went ABOVE and BEYOND!

To be honest I expected him to come out wearing a Tutu over his slacks, but NO he actually put on the leggings too!!

Where he found a pair to fit those legs of his is beyond me, but kudos to Bernie for going the EXTRA mile!

David Jones

Thanks to David Jones for this GREAT pic! I wish I coulda' been there with you guys!