Colorado Parks and Wildlife have a new strategy in dealing with bears that get too close to the public, hazing.

Now, that's not to say they are going to shave the bear's fur to look like Friar Tuck or slather them with Limburger cheese, but instead, this type of hazing may save lives.

Using CPW's newest K-9 officer and several other officers, the idea is to chase the bear, with the dog barking loudly, to get it away from an area it doesn't belong in as well as teach it to avoid those areas because of the hazing.

As the dog is chasing the bear, the officers use non-lethal rubber bullets to further encourage the bear to not return. Officers are hopeful this will keep bears from going into towns and cities looking for food, as the bear in the video did. He was found inside a home.

This keeps the officers from having to euthanize the animal and will keep people a lot safer.

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