What are some of the quirky bad habits you see in your workplace? I confess to one of these. I am guilty.

Here at Townsquare Media, we have four Radio stations altogether. Somewhere around 16 people total on staff. That can lead to some bizarre and odd habits that I observe daily.

No names will be given. I do like these people after all. This is strictly MY interpretations on personal behavior that I notice.

However, I will admit to my own flaws. I did swipe two delicious ice cream sundaes that were NOT mine the other morning. I don't know why. It was like that devil on my one shoulder was beating me over the head, saying 'EAT THEM.' It was totally unlike me, so I left an apology note. That's the actual note in the picture above.

To begin with:

  • Licking the community coffee spoon!
  • Finishing a pot of coffee and NOT making a new one.
  • NOT clearing the microwave timer. Just press reset.
  • Huge screen TV is on ALL day and no one watches it.
  • Lights left on in empty rooms ALL day.
  • Eating other people's food.

The biggest one for me is the lights on all day. I don't understand how someone walks into a room or several rooms, turns EVERY single light on and then walks out of the room never to return. That goes against everything my parents taught me.

What are some of the workplace habits that drive you crazy?

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