A woman became a mother in a must unusual way during the mother of all snowstorms.

Shirley Bonanni, of Philadelphia, gave birth Wednesday – on a sled, following a winter storm that pummeled the area.

Shirley woke up early in the morning with contractions, so she and her husband decided to go to the hospital.

Bonanni’s husband, Fabian, said:

It seemed like it was walkable to the car. But I had the sleds just in case it was super-slippery, because we had that ice storm like a week or two ago.”

The contractions grew so fast and became so intense that Shirley couldn’t walk, so Fabian elected to prop her on one of the sleds and drag her to the car. The baby, though, had other ideas.

A neighbor called 911 and walked the couple through the birth and even brought Shirley into his house to stay warm.

Bella Sophia was born seven pounds, nine ounces. She and Shirley were eventually taken to the hospital and are doing fine.

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