American Pickers made a stop in Palisade to do some picking. The Pickers made a stop at local artist's house to pick up something good.

During a recent episode of American Pickers (Season 18 Episode 15) they meet up with Lyle, a local artist in Palisade. According to the Colorado artist he likes to 'make sculptures and collect things.'

Lyle also states that if you just take a look around his yard, you'll clearly see that he's been busy. He likes to mix steel and stone together and he's been doing it for over 40 years.

Like a true resident of Palisade, Lyle's home is surrounded by Palisade peaches. American Pickers ended up picking:

  • A chair made from branches
  • A chair from Lloyd Manufacturing Company
  • A piece of metal covered with holes from gunshots found in the desert
  • A prison toilet/sink combo
  • Telluride Jeep Club license plate
  • Montrose gas station license plate topper
  • Socony Motor Oil wooden crate
  • Restored bar stool
  • Orchard baskets
  • Horse clocks
  • Wood Man  (made out of railroad spikes, tree stumps, etc.)
  • Stilts used in the orchard

I'm sure there are a lot more pickings that I didn't get on the list because Lyle has a lot to offer. I really loved the chair made from branches and the Telluride Jeep Club plate.

Although they didn't buy it, I'd have to say the cow motorhome was the center of the show. The whole time I was hoping that they would reconsider and buy the cow RV. But I would understand if Lyle didn't want to sell it, considering he did turn a cow into an RV.

I wonder if Lyle would be okay I came by to do some picking. Or just to admire his collection -- and to get a picture of the cow RV.

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