Those who woke before sunrise were greeted with thick fog this morning.

Coming from Fruita as I do every morning is usually a pretty nice drive, but this morning fog got in the way.

Fog happens when cold air passes over warm water or moist land. And with all of the rain we have been getting, the land is extremely moist. This cold air contains water vapors until they become too heavy and can no longer contain them, which results in the cloud like fog we had this morning.

It's not often the whole valley is blanketed by fog, and driving was a challenge, but kudos to the folks on the highway with me this morning that took their time and didn't try to drive like it was a sunny afternoon.

The sad part about fog is it never shows up at night, on Halloween. How cool would that be to trick or treat in the fog?

I guess we will have to just enjoy seeing the fog from above it all.

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