Are you searching for a home in Grand Junction, Colorado? Would you like to spend less than $250,000? If so, take a quick look at the second to least expensive house currently on the market in Grand Junction.

Believe it or not, there's a house for sale in this town for $175,000. That's how much it would cost to get into this house on Orchard Mesa.

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Good House On a Quiet Street

I've driven past this house almost every day since 1983. You'll find it at 272 27 Road, just south of Highway 50.

For 15 years or so I lived in a house just south of this one. Then for 19 years I lived in the house directly behind this one. Now, I'm living in a house just south. In my opinion, you'll find 27 Road to be a surprisingly quiet neighborhood.

272 27 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81503 Map
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Specs On The House

According to the listing at, this house is a three-bed, two-bath home measuring 1,134 square feet. That's not bad. Here's a quick rundown:

  • 3 bedroom
  • primary bedroom measures 14.4 X 14.8
  • 2 full bathroom
  • gas range oven
  • laundry room
  • forced air heating
  • lot measures 6790 square feet

I am a bit suspicious about one item on the list of property details. lists the construction date as 1993. Not to disagree, but it's my belief the house was already there before I moved to the neighborhood in 1983. I'm probably wrong.

Take a Quick Tour

272 27 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81503 Back
Priscilla Studt with STUDT REALTY, LLC/MB

According to the info on, this is a manufactured home. The square footage is nice, and the lot is decent-sized.

272 27 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81503 Side
Priscilla Studt with STUDT REALTY, LLC/MB

Unfortunately, no interior shots were provided. Looking at the specs, though, the three bedrooms measure 14.4 X 14.8, 11.1 X 11, and 10 X 14. Bedrooms with those measurements would make for an excellent starter home for a young family.

272 27 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81503 Back Yard 2
Priscilla Studt with STUDT REALTY, LLC/MB

The listing agent states in the description, "Needs a lot of TLC." While the listing makes no mention of irrigation, I know for a fact there is irrigation water running just north of this lot.

Something to Consider

This home at 272 27 Road is just down the road from Spyglass Ridge, where you'll find homes currently for sale in the $600,000 range. It's also only a few blocks north of the historic stone home at 2702 B 1/2 Road, which is currently listed on at $995,000. Put simply, this house is surrounded by some high-end real estate. Like my dad used to say, "Your house is worth only as much as the houses around it." Well, in this case, that's a definite plus.

Other Properties In the Valley

There are a few homes on the market in Grand Junction with a listing price lower than this one. Those, however, come with wheels.

Time For Waylon To Get On His Soap Box

Just yesterday I was chatting with a buddy about real estate. We're both waiting for the market to settle down a little before investing again. Taking that into consideration, though, this house, conveniently surrounded by far more valuable real estate, might make for a good investment.

As I say every time with these posts, I am not a realtor, do not represent the listing agent or any other agent, and have no interest in this property. It caught my eye, and because of that, might be of interest to you.

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