Hopefully your travel plans today don't include driving through the Colorado high country, it's pretty snowy up there.

9News in Denver shared the below video showing the snowy conditions in the high country this morning. After checking out the video, we decided to see what the road conditions were like across the state.


If you're traveling from the Grand Junction area to Eagle, you should be in the clear. There is a bit of snow on the sides of the roads, but the roadways themselves seem to be clear -- maybe a little damp.

If you need to go past Eagle, that's when things can get a bit dicy.


Eagle through Vail proper, there's a bit more snow on the sides of the roads, with the roadways wetter and some patchy areas of snow and ice.


Once you hit the Vail summit is when the fun starts to happen. From there to Georgetown, the roads are snow-covered and traffic seems to be moving pretty slow.

If you are traveling through the Colorado mountains today, make sure you take your time, drive safely and make sure you have some traction devices just in case.

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