The 16th annual 'Homeless for the Holidays' is coming and there are five things you need to know about this great event.

The first thing is 'YES' we really do sleep in dumpsters. They are clean and we line them with cardboard to keep us warm. I will say the dumpster does keep the wind off of us and that really helps and 'NO' we do not use any heaters in them.

So were does the food go? All of the food and money donated goes to the Community Food Bank to shock their shelves. Each year people think this is an event to help the homeless but it has nothing to with them.

The reason we call it 'Homeless for the Holidays' is because we go homeless for the event. We stay in the parking lot the whole time, no going home and no shower until we are done.


How much food do we raise? Each year we start with the goal of 9,510lbs but we always do more than that. Over the past 15 years we have averaged just over 17,000lbs of food in just about 56 hours.

The record is 36,789lbs which we did a couple of years ago when I made the bet with Tom the banker and had to get my hair cut. Thanks to all of you we have never failed to hit our goal.

What do you do if is snows? Make snowmen and drink more coffee. Once the 'Homeless for the Holidays' event begins we live in the parking lot. We stay there until the deal is done.


When does the 'Homeless for the Holidays' start? This year we will start the 16th annual event on Wednesday December 17th at 6am. We will move into the parking lot, take over the radio station and beg for food for the Community Food Bank.

So please help us stock up the Community Food Bank and get us back to our homes in time for the holidays.