Stop what you're doing, and grab a copy of the movie "The Electric Horseman" immediately. You'll thank me later. If you need some convincing, check out my list of five reasons why.

"The Electric Horseman," starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, was released just before Christmas in 1979. The film went a little over budget while in production, but that doesn't matter, since it made a huge profit.

So, by now, you are no doubt wondering, "why am I supposed to track down and watch a 35-year-old movie?" Good question. Answer: It doesn't suck. That attribute alone sets it apart from the last ten new movies I've seen. Here's a slightly more detailed list of reasons:

5. This movie understands there are other things going on in this universe besides people.

4. The entire "escape" scene with Robert Redford stealing the horse from a Las Vegas casino is unforgettable.

3. It's worth renting just to see Jane Fonda running around in knee high boots and Farrah Fawcett Majors sunglasses.

2. Watching the chase scene set to the soundtrack of Willie Nelson singing "Midnight Rider" is priceless.

1. It's a movie about something. It delivers a message, but in a way that gives us, the audience, credit for being reasonably intelligent.

There you have it, your weekend plans have been laid out. Get together with the family, turn off all other distractions, and treat everyone to a showing of "The Electric Horseman."

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