You don't know what you have until it's gone. Here are just five of the things people miss terribly when they move away from the Grand Valley.

1. Perfect Weather

Aside from a little wind and a tiny bit of snow, Western Coloradans live the sweet life when it comes to weather. Sunshine and clear skies grace the valley almost every day.

2. Hiking

Even in the mountainous areas on the Eastern Slope, it takes quite a bit of time and planning to take a nice, long hike in most places. Not in the Grand Valley. In 20 minutes, tops, you're off and running... or walking slowly. Whichever.

3. Friends

"Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name... (bah, buh, bah baaaah)." Sure, it's fine to be anonymous occasionally, but it's even better to go to a restaurant, bar or hangout and see five of your friends, unintentionally.

4. That Smell...

Have you noticed it? Maybe not until you leave, and come back for a visit. The Grand Valley has a sweet, beautiful smell in the early summer/late spring. Not to mention, when the rain DOES fall, it leaves a very pleasant "desert after the rain" smell that can't be beaten. It's unlike any other place I'VE lived, anyway.

5. The River

Whether you're walking the trails, floating with friends, or just sitting at Riverside Park, you can't beat having all that beauty right in your backyard.

If you've moved away, here's some warm memories for you about the Grand Valley. If you're still here... enjoy it. You lucky dawgs.

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