Several times each year, five-time Grammy-winning bassist and composer Victor Wooten hosts a series of music and nature camps at his retreat in Only, Tennessee. These camps teach not only music, but theory, nature, and more importantly, the relationship between music and nature. Here are five reasons why you should make attending one of these camps your number one priority.

Victor Wooten's Center For Nature and Music hosts a number of variations on the camp: Bass/Nature, Music/Nature, as well Spirit of Music and Theory. These camps are open to all ages and all levels of musical experience.

In addition to studying the techniques and philosophies of one of the greatest bassists of all time, participants also enjoy the opportunity to attend concerts at the retreat featuring some of the greatest musicians in the world.

Wooten May 2014
Waylon Jordan

left to right: J.D. Blair, Anthony Wellington, Steve Bailey, Chuck Rainey

The camp's faculty boasts a "who's who" of modern music: Anthony Wellington, Chuck Rainey, Steve Baily, Danny Morris, Roy Vogt, and many others. Take a look at the photo at the top from May 2014's Bass/Nature camp featuring Victor Wooten, Michael Manring, Steve Bailey and Stu Hamm.

While learning music, theory, and techniques, students also receive instruction in various survival skills. Campers learn to make fire, recognize edible plants, and various teamwork skills.

A considerable amount of the material shared at the camp comes directly from Victor Wooten's book, "The Music Lesson."

Here are five reasons why you dare not miss the opportunity to attend one of these camps:

  • You'll be enlightened by musical ideas you've never considered
  • You'll listen to music, and the world around you, in ways you never imagined
  • It's a great way to "unplug" from the day to day world, and get back to nature
  • You'll be made aware the relationship between music and the natural world
  • It's your chance to meet every musician you've ever wanted to meet, all in one place

To participate, you pretty much need an instrument, a sleeping bag, whatever hygiene products you like to use, and the means to get to Tennessee. Food is provided at the camp, and the cuisine is nothing short of magnificent.

Lodging ranges from cabins to tents, determined solely by the preference of the camper. Access to the retreat is extremely easy. In the event you choose to fly, you can arrive in Nashville and catch a shuttle to the camp.

For the record, the camp is run on a "break even" basis, with all income directed solely towards the operation of the Center.

Give serious consideration to attending one of this year's camps. It is a life changing experience, all at a cost drastically less expensive than a weekend trip to the local ski resort.

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