Grand Junction saw the opening of a handful of new businesses in 2018. Let's take a look at five new local businesses we welcomed to the valley.

This is a follow-up to an earlier post, "Five Grand Junction Businesses You Wish Hadn't Closed in 2018." Some local establishments closed, and a few new ones opened their doors. That's the way of things, I guess. Here are five you're probably glad to see open for business in 2018.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan


    683 Horizon Drive

    A longtime Grand Junction restaurant manager decided to pursue a new direction and open a venue of his own. On July 31, PizzaAmore' celebrated its grand opening.

    Scott Coolbaugh, a former manager at the Grand Junction Chili's, along with his family, decided to step out on their own.

    Have you tried PizzAmore'? I think you'll find it to be amazing. They serve a magnificent hand-made pizza. It's a nice break from chain pizza joints.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan

    Starbucks on North Avenue

    1350 North Avenue

    Do you remember the old Johnson's House of Flowers? Personally, I really hated to see that business close. Before long the old greenhouse had been torn down, and everyone wondered what would happen to the property.

    It never fails... you turn your back for an instant and POOF!... a Starbucks appears out of nowhere. That's exactly what happened here.

    On August 20, 2018, the valley's newest Starbucks opened for business. The location is nothing short of perfect. A block-and-a-half from the university... duh.

    In this case,  Starbucks is a stand-alone building with a very cool drive-thru window.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan

    Be Sweet Cafe & Bakeshop

    150 West Main

    July brought about a second location for Be Sweet Cafe and Bakeshop. This store is located directly across the street from the Mesa County courthouse.

    Speaking as someone who has spent a significant portion of his life on jury duty, I was glad to see this shop open. Sitting on a jury all day makes you hungry... and cranky. You really start to crave a great cup of coffee and a donut.

    In addition to baked goods, they serve breakfast and lunch. The location is very convenient. Stop by and check them out.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan

    Goodie Gourmet

    2682 Hwy 50 in Orchard Mesa

    I first met the owners of this new business shortly before their store opened. They were on hand at a Country Jam remote at a local credit union. Afterward, they opened their new store.

    Goodie Gourmet offers a wide variety of popcorn and confections.

    We offer many different sweet, savory & specialty popcorn creations. You can also order great gift baskets for those special celebrations and holidays. - Facebook

    I'm always excited about new Grand Junction businesses, especially those on Orchard Mesa. Where precisely are they? They're in the little building just west of the Orchard Mesa True Value store.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan


    Horizon Drive

    Most of us couldn't believe it when the Pizza Hut next to the Bookcliff Country Club closed down. Before long, it was open again, except now it was orange and blue, and didn't serve pizza.

    Grand Junction residents were already enjoying two Aztecas Family Mexican Restaurants, one in Orchard Mesa, and one on the way to the Redlands. Before long, this one opened, and the Redlands location closed.

    This was the perfect touch for Horizon Drive. Several chain restaurants, including a handful of fast food joints, were in operation in the area. One could easily find an Italian restaurant or two. Unless I missed something, Horizon didn't boast a wide selection of Mexican restaurants. Problem solved.

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