With the weather as hot as it has been over the past few weeks turning on your oven to make dinner doesn't even seem like an option. You don't want to make your house any hotter than it already is. That is why this weekend I spent some time looking around for a fresh delicious salad for dinner.

As much as I love a big cheeseburger or burrito on a hot night I would prefer a salad and something that isn't so heavy on my stomach. If you love fresh crisp greens with lots of toppings there are plenty of options in Grand Junction.

To help with my list of the best salads in Grand Junction I did check and see what other people posted as their favorite options on Tripadvisor then I added a few of my favorites. Although some of the locations I mention below are open for both delivery and take out not all of them are so you might want to call before planning on dining in at any of these locations.

Obviously, if we missed a local restaurant that makes amazing salads please let us know so we can add them to this list.

Here is your list of the best 22 places to get a fantastic salad in Grand Junction.

Best Places to get a Salad in Grand Junction

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