Being new to town is very exciting, as there are tons of new places and restaurants to visit for the first time. Having lived in Grand Junction for just over a week I am finding lots of delicious places that I will be going back to often.

Prior to moving away from Boise, Idaho I knew that one of my friends had lived in Grand Junction before so I got two different suggestions from her. Both are inexpensive but I have only visited one of her recommendations so far. The two that she suggested are Taqueria Guadalajara and Pollo Azado.

After visiting Taqueria Guadalajara I was very impressed, the tortillas were fresh and that alone is worth another visit to me. While I haven't made it to Pollo Azado yet I work less than 1 mile away so I will be visiting soon. Nydia told me that I have to try their grilled chicken as it is the best she has ever had in her life. That is a pretty bold statement.

Other delicious restaurants I have visited since moving to the Grand Valley include Main Street Cafe, Red Lobster (yeah, I know it's a chain), Azteca's Family Restaurant, Village Inn, Applebee's (again, I know it's a chain), Old Chicago (yes, I get it), and way too many fast-food restaurants. Oh, we also went to The Winery, but that is out of my normal budget. In all honesty, we are living out of a hotel right now as we close on a house so we eat out just about every day.

My favorite food would probably be a big ole' pile of nachos with all the toppings. So if you have a place specifically for nachos make sure to send your recommendation my way. But even if it isn't known for nachos, what is your favorite restaurant in the Grand Valley?

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