It was 1985. The Grand Junction Tigers football team took it all the way to state. Here is that game. 

It was a long time ago, but I am sure that the players, coaches, fans, and students can remember this game quite well. The ending may not be what the Tigers has hoped for, but it is still a pretty cool experience.

I would love to hear from any of the team members, coaches or even Grand Junction students at that time to recall their memories of that exciting football season.

Think about that time:

  • President Ronald Reagan was sworn in for his second term
  • The first Wrestlemania happens at Madison Square Garden
  • Madonna kicks off her Virgin Tour (her first)
  • Coca-Cola unveils New Coke with an underwhelming response
  • The first Back To The Future movie debuts in theaters
  • Nintendo releases NES home video console
  • The epic song 'We Are The World' is recorded

Here is the second half:

BONUS VIDEO: Grand Junction Ghost On tape?


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