I'm not sure if I enjoy cooking more lately because the pandemic has us spending more time at home or if it's just because I am getting older and I love to eat, but either way I am having fun in the kitchen. Well, lately it starts in the kitchen and I make my way out to the grill.

One thing I have learned as I was talking to a friend last week is that all meat is not created equal. As I have mentioned on the radio so many times, I am frugal. I love saving a few dollars and keeping that in my bank account. But, when you're looking at fresh meat to throw on the grill don't go cheap. It's amazing how much difference the quality is over just a few bucks.

After last week's discussion and my friend telling me he was headed to his favorite butcher shop after work, I wanted to create a list of the best meat shops around the Grand Junction area. I looked at rankings on Yelp!, and other online websites to put together the list of the best places to buy meat around Grand Junction.

Please know that I might have missed a few and feel free to leave a comment about them so I can add them to the list. And this list is in no particular order because you really should try all of these locations.

13 Best Meat Shops Around Grand Junction

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