Now that it's been a few years since my dad has passed away Father's Day has become a little easier. The first year it felt like just another day to remind me that he isn't here anymore. But with time it's gotten easier and I can now appreciate that I had a wonderful father for many years. Many people are just like me that's why I wanted to work on a list of 10 things you can do to celebrate dear ol' dad even if he isn't physically with us anymore.

Now obviously, you're not going to want to do all of these, probably only one or maybe two. Just pick the ones that are the most meaningful to you, once that will help you put a smile on your face as you remember the good times and memories you created together.

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You might tear up this weekend, and that's okay, that just means that you had a fantastic dad that you miss, which is understandable.

10 Ways to Remember Dad (After He Passed Away)

Don't be ashamed at any emotion you feel as you miss your dad since he passed away. You can be sad, angry, or appreciative of the time you had. But here are 10 ways to remember dear ol' dad:

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