Grand Junction and the surrounding areas is full of wonderful activities for you and your family to enjoy and we created a list of 10 things you should definitely do.

These places are great for a date night, spending time with family, or just an out-of-the-box night out with friends.

  • Leslie White

    Museum of the West

    462 Ute Ave. Grand Junction, CO


    Take a step back in time at the Museum of the West. This historic museum allows you to "travel" back in time through a thousand years of western Colorado history.

    Learn all about the Anasazi Indians and the firearms used by outlaws.

    The Museum of the West has so much to offer for you and your family.

  • Get Air at the Silo via Facebook

    Get Air at the Silo

    715 South 7th St. Grand Junction, CO


    Get Air at the silo is an awesome place to go for a fun time and exercise.

    Get Air's trampoline park is one of Grand Junction's newest attractions which offers various classes for anyone interested in getting fit or for anyone who wants to learn how to do parkour.

    If you just want to go jump around then that's okay too. Whatever type of exercise you enjoy, this is the place for you!

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    Botanical Gardens

    641 Struthers Ave, Grand Junction, CO


    The Western Colorado Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place filled with many types of plants and butterflies. It is a great venue for all ages to enjoy.

    The Botanical Gardens has a tropical greenhouse featuring butterflies of all shapes and sizes and plants of all types.

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    Dinosaur Journey

    550 Jurassic Court, Fruita, CO


    Head back to the time to the dinosaurs! This awesome dinosaur museum in Fruita will take you on a wild adventure with T-Rexs, Velociraptors, and many more dinosaurs and fossils.

    This museum is a fantastic place for all ages to explore and look back on the history of life in the Grand Valley.

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    Cross Orchards

    3073 F Road, Grand Junction, CO


    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Grand Junction in the early 1900's?

    Cross Orchards historic site is perfect for you and your family.

    This little facility is a cool way to see how pioneers lived in Grand Junction. Cross Orchards is filled with several historic buildings to see, including the packing shed, a barn, and a bunkhouse.

    Cross Orchards is a fun place for all ages.

  • Leslie White

    Angelo's Pottery

    2478 Patterson Rd, Grand Junction CO


    Show your creative side at Angelo's Pottery and Glass Studio in Grand Juction.

    The studio is a cool place to get your creative juices flowing. It has various already-made pottery for you to paint and make it your own. You can also do glass fusing, and paint on canvas.

    This shop is fun for any age; it even has classes available for children to create their masterpieces as well.

  • Yan Lev, ThinkStock

    Math and Science Center

    2660 Unaweep Ave. Grand Junction, CO


    Let out your inner scientist at the John McConnell Math and Science Center.

    This is a great place for kids to learn about how things work and gain knowledge about scientific principles.

    The Math and Science center offers a wonderful hands on experience for anyone who wants to expand their scientific knowledge.

  • Vit Kovalcik, ThinkStock

    Glacier Ice Arena

    2515 Riverside Pkwy Grand Junction, CO


    Need to cool off from the summer heat? Check out the Glacier Ice Arena on Riverside Parkway.

    Glacier Ice Arena is a great place to be active with friends and enjoy getting cooled off from the summer sun.

    If you're really good, you can show off your sweet skating moves to all of your friends!

  • Tom Freimann

    Moss Performing Arts Center

    N. 12th Street, Colorado Mesa University


    If you're looking for a place to experience fantastic performers and a good show, The Moss Performing Arts Center in Grand Junction is the place for you!

    Moss offers a variety of shows involving talented theatrical performers and dancers.

    The Moss Performing Arts Center has been named the premier center for arts and culture between Denver and Salt Lake City.

    Call the box office Tuesday-Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm for updates on tickets and upcoming events.

  • Stephanie Hakes

    The Palette

    441 Main St. Grand Junction, CO


    Unleash your inner artist at The Palette on Main St in downtown Grand Junction.

    This little shop is a fantastic place to let your creativity flow! The Palette offers a variety of classes for anyone willing to learn how to paint.

    Don't worry if you're not much of an artist; The Palette is perfect for beginners.

    The instructors give you step by step instructions to create a masterpiece.

    This is a great place for business events, family get-togethers, or just a fun night out!