We have all been disappointed with 2020 so far, especially with all of the fun events being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic but after doing some research today we finally have something to look forward to.

I saw a post on the Mesa Fair Facebook page of the carnival ride 'The Zipper' so I had to reach out to find out what is going on but sure enough we have a 10-day carnival that is coming to Western Colorado.

The dates will be from October 15 through the 25 and there are more details that will be released soon about all of the fun activities that will be open and available for the public to enjoy. At this point, we have been anxiously awaiting something fun to look forward to so just the thought of riding on carnival rides sounds amazing.

As you can expect on Facebook there were plenty of people who didn't think this would be a good idea. But, all workers were working in Utah for the past 10 days and have all tested negative for COVID-19. All workers will quarantine until the fun begins here, and all workers will be tested four days prior to the start of the carnival. The fairgrounds are making it very clear that they are doing all the homework they can for this to be a safe and fun experience for everyone in attendance.

If you want to know more about the carnival you can click here to visit the Mesa Fair Facebook page.

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