Thursday, November 3, marks National Sandwich Day. Which Grand Junction business, past or present, offers the best sandwich?

Do you remember a time when there were very few sandwich shops around Western Colorado? Burger joints abound, but there were very few places to go for a good ol' sandwich.

Today, you can't go anywhere without running into either a mom-and-pop sandwich joint or a national chain. Teenage drivers are setting speed records as they rush to deliver sandwiches from one of many shops offering that service.

If you lived in Grand Junction circa 1980, you pretty much had a choice between Dagwood's just off of 2nd and North Avenue or Der Weber Deli.

In honor of National Sandwich Day, several shops are offering great deals. Some offer discounts, others, a buy-one-get-one-free deal. Check with your favorite local shop to see what specials they have. Here are just a few::

Looking back on Grand Junction, since the beginning of time to present, who made the best sandwich? Of course, one or two shops are probably missing from this list, so don't hesitate to write it in, and it will be added promptly.